Germany is the greatest producer of crude steel in the European Union. It’s the seventh world classed country, after the Japan, The United States of America, India, Russia and South Korea.

Source : Steel German federation



The infinite recycling cycle of iron makes the scrap the important raw material in the steel production.

Source : German Steel Federation


Steel German industries are well integrated in the international distribution. Currently, 75% of the German export marked is located inside the European Union. The export of over production with the other country increases from 1.8 million tons in 2011 to 3 million tons in 2012

Source : German Steel Federation


Recycling rate of ferrous metal in the world:

Source : Steel Recycling Institue


Recycling rate of Cans

Source : Steel Recycling Institue


Automobile recycling rate

Source : Steel Recycling Institue


recycling rate of household appliences

Source : Steel Recycling Institue


Construction material recucling rate

 Source : Steel Recycling Institue

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